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Real Estate Investing Options With Real Estate Agency in Phoenix
Real Estate Investing Options With Real Estate Agency in Phoenix

Commercial Real Estate in Phoenix, AZ: Reaping the "Bull Market"

Real estate in Arizona is in prime position for buying your first commercial property (or buying your first home!). A "bull market" most often refers to stock market conditions that favor buyers over sellers. When applied to real estate, it's a situation in which the property prices are not so high as to block out new homeowners, but prices are rising so there's a good chance at obtaining the best returns on your investment. (This is different from the "sellers' market" mentioned on our Sell a Home page. Check out the page for more.)
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Paul McComb Realty has years of experience in watching and learning from these cycles so we can give you the best real estate expert advice and help you take the bull by the horns.

What Is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Property?

 Paul McComb Realty | Scottsdale Arizona
Paul McComb Realty | Scottsdale Arizona
The answer to this question is mostly straightforward.  If a building is coded for people to live in it, it's residential. If it's not coded for people to live in it, it's commercial.

The slightly complicated part begins here: Are you looking to
buy a home to rent out? In other words, to turn that residential property into an income-earning (a.k.a. commercial) holding?

In that case, your experienced realtor at
Paul McComb Realty would walk you through a process that is very similar to buying your own home as a personal residence, but with key extra steps such as:

Is it likely I can keep a tenant in this house? (Keeping a rental home occupied is essential to making it a successful investment.)

How much maintenance am I willing to put into the house? Is it a serious fixer-upper that I don't have time or money for?

Should I use a property management company to collect rent and perform basic maintenance?

Do I intend for this to be a long- or short-term investment?

While you may be doing walkthroughs of homes with your real estate agent from Paul McComb Realty, you and your agent will be noticing different traits than if you were shopping for yourself or your family.

Commercial property investment | Paul McComb Realty in Phoenix Arizona
Commercial property investment | Paul McComb Realty in Phoenix Arizona

Types of Commercial Property Investment in the Phoenix Area

In addition to buying a residential home as an investment, commercial property investment typically takes one of three directions when working with Paul McComb Realty. Either:

Clients purchase a finished commercial building for rent to tenants.

Clients build or purchase a commercial property as an investment in your own business.
Your business "lives" there as its primary residence.

Clients build or purchase a commercial property as a dual investment. They both house their own business in the facility and take on other tenants in unused space.

Whichever option you choose, we're here to discuss pros and cons, as well as sort through the paperwork and contracts that come with such an investment. (See our Home page for details on why it's wise to hire a real estate agent.)

Real estate investments can be so intricate that many people are afraid to even start, and those with more confidence who go through the process alone almost always end up missing out on a better deal, which a licensed, experienced realtor (like those at Paul McComb Realty) could have helped secure.
We want to be the voice of confidence and a professional sounding board in your real estate decisions. From
buying your first home to selling a home as an upgrade for your family, to expanding your investment portfolio by purchasing other investment properties, Paul McComb Realty is with you every step of the way. By calling (480) 310-2597 or contacting us here, we can get started on tackling all of this together, pairing your aspirations and our skills to achieve remarkable results.

Give us a call at (480) 310-2597 or contact Paul McComb Realty here.

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